Are you ready to




Coaching can make that happen.

It is my belief that men and women at the top of their professional game, got there because they were coached by someone, and together they unlocked the winning
Power of 2!

If you are ready to bring the Power of 2 into your life to…

  • Move your career forward?
  • Create the life you truly want?
  • Build stronger working and personal relationships?
  • Break through blocks to find greater success and happiness?

…then I am ready to coach you in that adventure.

Bring the Power of 2 into your life today!

Call 847-274-1197 or email to schedule a free coaching session.

Working with me you can expect:

  • Honest support in discovering what matters most for you.
  • Help in crafting a personal vision.
  • Designing specific strategies for success.
  • Increased focus on getting the job done.
  • Support in decision making.
  • Accountability to keep you on course.
  • Improved communications with those in your life.
  • Devout listening to what is present for you.
  • Tactics for breaking non-productive actions.
  • Challenges to old limiting behaviors.
  • Acceptance of where you are now, I don’t judge how you got there.
  • Discovering and honoring your authentic talented self.

Full Career

Career success begins with knowing what you want, having a clear vision for yourself, and that includes knowing what lights your “fire”.  While you may not be there yet, knowing your destination lets you plan your journey. I can help you define that goal!

The next step is to chart the course in as much detail as possible, bringing all of who you are and who you are “becoming” to the process.  We co-create that map.

Then, take responsibility for doing what needs to happen to move that journey along. As your coach, I look to keep you on track and accountable.

Are you looking to move from your current position to something better?  Together we shape actions to create  the possibility of advancement.

I bring to our coaching relationship all that I have learned from more than 25 years of professional experience; add in more than a dozen years in leadership training and individual consulting; link it all to your own experience, training and wisdom; and together we can put the Power of 2 working for you.

The outcome can include the following:

✔ Increased job satisfaction.
✔ Career advancement.
✔ Strong professional relationships.
✔ More balance in your life.
✔ Improved communications with those in your life.
✔ Clarity around your long term career goals.
✔ Increased productivity.
✔ Reduced conflict.
✔ Stronger team involvement.
✔ Time management.

Full Life

Life is more than a job, more than a title, more than money in the bank.  There is considerable evidence that people who enjoy a balanced life are healthier, happier, and tend to live longer.  What would make your life richer, more satisfying?

Creating that life is your responsibility, and means bringing positive change to the way you see things, what you value, what you believe about you and how you relate to those around you.  The choice is yours – to accept “what is” as all there is, or reach for a higher reality — to jump into life fully or sit on the side of the road and watch it drive by.

I believe you can be more than that and can have the fuller life you dream of. By bringing the Power of 2 into your life today you can create that life for you and those around you.

It will mean…..

  • Looking at today and what is and is not working.
  • Deciding what and how to change “what is”.
  • Personal relationship building.
  • Learning to respond to situations in a healthy way.
  • Committing to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Living the authentic life.
  • Making the hard choices to move forward.
  • Acting on those choices to create your new life.
  • Celebrating the victories.